Meet Turbo aka Mr.Treasure Island. He spreads the Cha to each and everyone he meets!

Turbo lives, eats, and breathes Cha Vibes!

His energy is unmatched. He has been repping and spreading the Cha ever since we meet him a few years after the brand started. We are so honored to have Turbo a part of the Cha team.

We have had so many Cha fans reach out to us saying how they had an encounter with Turbo in Treasure Island and are now loyal followers of Cha Vibes.

That is because Cha Vibes is more than just a brand. It’s a lifestyle, a mindset to live your life by. 

If you have been to Treasure Island, Florida then you most likely know Turbo. If you are in town, go to the umbrella/cabana rental in front of Sloppy Joe’s Restaurant on the beach. There you will meet Turbo and Lili!

You will get hit with a loud “WHATTTT!? Cha Vibes BOII!!” from Turbo as you approach his stand!

For years Turbo has been doing umbrella and paddle board rentals. Spreading good energy and Cha Vibes to all his guests that he sees day to day. His wife Lili is his loyal ride-or-die wife and sidekick. They are two of the most amazing and loving people you will ever meet. And we can’t forget about Tyson! Tyson is their pet seagull that has been coming to visit them for many years. He will come by each morning for his daily feeding of peanuts from Turbo and Lili. Tyson has a wife named Jannet and they come back every year to have little seagull babies! (check out Turbo’s TikTok or IG to see videos of Tyson and Jannet. No, we are not making this up…..)

Turbo has embodied the definition of Cha. We are so grateful and honored to have such an amazing person representing and living the Cha life. He has gotten Cha Vibes into all the local shops in Treasure Island and created a cult following for Cha Vibes. Whether it is the police, the beach maintenance crew, or local bartenders in Treasure Island, they live the Cha life and they know Turbo. Turbo has made such an insane impact on Treasure island that we created him his own Turbo Cha Vibes T-shirts and stickers that are available for sale on chavibes.com and at Sloppy Joes. (and is one of our best-selling products and yes Tyson is on the shirt too)

Before doing umbrellas in Treasure Island, Turbo worked in corporate sales. After years of working, he decided that the corporate lifestyle was not for him. Lili and Turbo then went to the Bahamas for mission work. While in the Bahamas, they realized that most children in the Bahamas have no idea how to swim. A lot of Bohemian children lose their life from drowning each year. After hearing this and being emotionally touched, Turbo and Lili decided to sell all their belongings and move to the Bahamas in order to teach lessons and spread their mission work. For years they lived in the Bahamas spreading the word of The Lord and teaching local children to swim. They saved many lives and touched the lives of many Bohemian people. Years later we would like to reignite this movement.