Luke Veris

Full Name: Luke Christopher Veirs

Hometown: Dagsboro de

Birthday: December 28, 2005

Where you go to school: Sussex Academy high school 

Where you live now: Dagsboro de (the outskirts more like Millville)

Where you spend your summer: Fenwick/Ocean City area

What you want to do when you grow up(other than surf): Own a business 

Where you go to school: Sussex academy

Where you want to go to college (if applicable): Not sure yet just going with the flow

Favorite place to surf: 48th street ocean city

Favorite surfer: John John Florence 

Favorite sport(other than surf): Soccer

Favorite place to go on vacation: Florida

When you started surfing: around like 10 but started surfing more serious around 13

What boards you ride: wrv el jefe 5’5 and Lost driver 5’11

What you do in your free time: hang out with friends, skate, fish, sports.

Favorite subject in school: science 

Favorite Video game: Call of duty 

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