Kai Sommers

Kai grew up in Fenwick Island Delaware. He surfs in the ESA and ESA Allstars. In summer time he surfs in Fewnick Island DE, Bethany Beach DE and Ocean City Maryland. In the winters he travels and trains in Hawaii.

Full Name: Kai Ashton Sommers

Hometown: Fenwick island DE

Birthday: 05/02/2005

Where you go to school: Homeschool

Where you live now: Selbyville DE

Where you spend your summer: Fenwick and Ocean City

What you want to do when you grow up(other than surf): Entrepreneur

Where you want to go to college (if applicable): Salisbury

Favorite place to surf: North Shore

Favorite surfer: Gabe Medina/Morgan Cibilic

Favorite sport(other than surf): Basketball, Football

Favorite place to go on vacation: OBX

When you started surfing: 2 YO

What boards you ride: 5'8 Gallagher

What you do in your free time: Vibe with the boys and sleep

Favorite subject in school: Business

Favorite Video game: N/A

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