What is Cha?

Find your Peace, Find Your Cha! This is a phrase we say often with Cha Vibes. Cha Vibes was dreamed up in Ocean City, Maryland back in 2015 by founder Johnny Cha. Starting with just 5 vinyl stickers all hand drawn by friends, printed shirts reading “Spread the ChaVibes” (look below) on them in, and some money saved up after a summer of working in OC and Delaware beaches, Cha Vibes was born. The stickers and merch were a huge hit and everyone got behind the movement of the positive energy Cha Vibes train.  Our merchandise is now  sold in over 50 shops on the East and all over the US. Whatever bring you peace is your Cha! Go Find it! It’s a motto anyone can get behind. Do what you love and do it well. Get out and live your life and enjoy every moment of it. Just send it and see what happens!

We all encounter distinct experiences that can seem unrelated but are interconnected in the lessons we learn and the way we grow. There is no doubt we are different, but we experience similar phases throughout life; Cha represents the states of peace and serenity we encounter. Whether it’s helping someone in need or spending the day outside to revitalize our minds, Cha is driven differently for each of us; what drives yours?


  • Our first stickers.

    Our original stickers first sold in 2015 designed by Mike Ford Jr

  • Our first printed shirts

    First 3 Cha Vibes shirts printed direct to garment and first sold back in August 2015

  • First stickers ever printed

    These were a run of the first ever printed Cha Vibes stickers