The Iconic Shaka:  Spreading the Cha

The Iconic Shaka: Spreading the Cha

Everyone nowadays markets themselves to be full of positive energy.  Anything from social media to mainstream advertising seems to be stressing the importance of one thing: good vibes!  It makes you wonder though, how could there be so much negativity and suffering in the world with all these positive vibrations going around?  That’s the beauty of it… bad shit happens everyday and it can be completely out of your control but if you have a positive energy around you and your life, it becomes infectious.  That’s what we’re all about at Cha Vibes, spreading positivity through our brand.  


We chose the Shaka as not only our logo, but our voice as well. There’s something to be said for the weight one hand gesture can have.  As cliche as it sounds, the Shaka says far more than any sound that could come out of our mouths to spread our message.  It has no native tongue and makes two fingers into an adequate translator between languages to say, “Hey friend, it’s all good here.”  French philosopher, Ferdinand Saussure, said that language is an inadequate method of expression meaning we can say how we’re feeling but no one will ever know EXACTLY what we mean.  Words become too complicated because of this, always struggling to arrange them in the right way to say the right thing and I still fumble over every syllable.  That’s why the Shaka is the simplest way to say the simplest thing… GOOD VIBES ONLY!


At Cha Vibes, we live by this.  We’re not rocket scientists nor the great philosophers of our generation.  We’re simply a group of people trying to have the best time possible both for us and anyone around us.  We hope that every one of our stickers seen or piece of apparel worn translates to a smile and positivity.  The Shaka is our best way to both promote our brand and spread our message.