Ocean City’s Jellyfish Festival

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Now that Summer has poked its head through the rain clouds of April and
May, we can all finally take that deep breath of Maryland Summer air we’ve been
longing for since last August. A Maryland Summer wouldn’t be complete without
boating up and down the rivers of the Chesapeake, trips to the Delmarva beaches,
and most importantly, live music outdoors. In its inaugural year, Ocean City’s
Jellyfish festival is shaping up to provide the best music, arts, and action sports
festival to hit the rt. 1 shoreline since the Dew Tour. For 3 days, the festival will
have live music at multiple stages throughout each day, with acts such as
Ballyhoo, Styx, Badfish, Sweet Leda, and Crack the Sky, along with many other
activities and events spanning 6 blocks of the Ocean City Boardwalk.
In the absence of the Dew Tour stop this year, organizers B-Rad Hoffman
and Salty Selt have drawn inspiration from the South by Southwest to create a
new and unique experience at the beach. The town of Ocean City has greatly
supported the festival since its conception and has funded the venture in hopes to
draw a big crowd and tourist revenue for the city, which it undoubtedly will.
Additionally, the festival has gained support from hundreds of local vendors to

help make the event a staple in the Ocean City Summer culture by giving it the
best possible local feel.
As one of those vendors, we at Cha Vibes couldn’t be more stoked to be a
part of what is certainly going to be an epic festival. We are also incredibly proud
to say we’ve collaborated with the Jellyfish Festival as one of the official
merchandisers of the event and have created some awesome apparel that you’ll
definitely want to add to your wardrobe. So if you love incredible live music,
surfing, skateboarding, yoga, fitness events, freestyle motorcross, and most
importantly, the beach, be sure not to miss out on the event of the summer this
weekend, June 21st- 23rd!

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