Happy Chaliday’s

Happy Chaliday’s

The CHA-liday season is in full effect! Spread some cheer and some vibes this Holiday Season.

Nothing beats coming home for the holiday’s and spending time with the ones you love and care for. 

The Holiday Season as a time to spread positive energy and good vibes. The good energy is in the air around us. 

Some of use love the holiday season. Waking up on Christmas morning and running to the tree to open presents, exchanging gifts with loved ones for Hanukkah, or seeing your cousins that you only see for special holidays and having a few brews kicking back next to the fire watching some NFL football. 

For some of us it is not as easy. The holidays can be tough and bring up memories of loved ones who are no longer with us.

It doesn't matter who you are or what you are going though. Spread some cheer this season because you never know what might be going on in the lives of the people you pass by each day.

Give a smile, ask how someone is doing, throw them a Cha 🤙.

Sometimes a kind gesture can be the thing that makes someones day or even month! 

Spread The Cha this Holiday Season!


One Love 

- Johnny Cha.