Floral Sunset 3D Sticker

Floral Sunset 3D Sticker

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Floral Sunset 3D Sticker

Relax, enjoy the sunset. This stick of the original 3D sticker design has been around since we first ordered transition stickers back in 2017! One of our top sellers. Shaka love. Cha Life. Just another day in paradise.  


Sticks are weatherproof and sustainable for outdoor use.  

Small Shaka Sticker: 3 x 1.5 in. 

Large Shaka Sticker: 7 in x 3.5  in.

Small shaka stickers are perfect for mirrors or putting on your friends when they are not paying attention. The large shaka sticks are perfect for your Longboards, cars, Fridge, or ..... ANYTHING! 😎 ✌️ Make sure to tag us on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. We love to see where you are taking the Cha. We also love to shoutout our Cha followers on our social media so tag us up. Use our hashtags #ChaVibes #SpreadTheCha and #WhatsYourCha 

Let's take Cha Vibes Global! #GlobalCha 🤙 🌍

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